Contribute to Careerdrill

Community Driven

Careerdrill welcome the practical problem with the solutions and technical interview questions in all software areas. If you have any handy technical problem with the solution or technical interview questions, you can share with the large community. The people may face the similar issue of the day to day activities or when they prepare the technical interview.

We support all the software technical areas. You can find the list of software topics here. We encourage the user to contribute original work which helps the community. The user can get feedback, suggestions for improvements, bug fixes, testing, and more. The user may also get alternative approach and performance tuning about the solution.

Submission Guidelines and Methods

Submit GitHub code

If you have some interview preparation or good practice or scripts hosted in GitHub, you can share the information. The careerdrill team review the code and readme text and publish in careerdrill website.

Submit word document

The user can submit all the information through word document. The word document may contain one or more problem with a solution. The user may include architectural images or screenshot which help to careerdrill user to understand the solution. The user can submit the word document to .

Submit through From

Careerdrill provides form which contains the problem category and sub category. The user can use the form to submit one problem and solution at a time.

Review and Publication

Careerdrill reviews the problem, solution and best practice submitted by the user. Once careerdrill review the content, it updates with a website with user credentials. We encourage the user to provide the fully reusable solution and do not depend on any other source or framework. If the code depends on anything, provide the pre-requirement details. The careerdrill may edit for formatting the content. If careerdrill want to change or update any concept, it communicate through email and get confirmation from the user.