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Red Block Tree implementation

Language Java | Level Intermediate | Category Data structure | September 9, 2015 6:53 am

Data structure Description

The red-black tree is a binary search tree with color information. The color can be either red or black and it helps to balance the tree. The red-black tree has a complex implementation. The red-black binary search tree is an efficient data structure for maintaining the balanced binary search.

The red-black tree node color is either red or black. The root node is always black. Every node contains two children nodes and color can be red or black. Every leaf node colored as black. Every red node has black colored children. If the application requires more insertion or deletion, the red-black tree can be used.

Write a program to implement red-black tree?



Insert values to Red Black Tree.
Print items from Red Black Tree: 11 23 50 67 99 
Find element :11
Find Minimum :11
Find Maximum :99



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