Common interview questions

List of common programming interview questions and answers

Programming interview questions are technical questions in the software industry to test the candidate technical knowledge, coding ability, problem-solving skills.

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Interview Process

The candidate can choose any programming language for solving the problems (C, C++, and Java or C #) during the interview process. The problem comes from Data structure, algorithm, computer fundamentals and some basic programming language. The candidate must plan for attending the technical interview. Practice makes perfect. If the candidate does not know about interview questions, the candidate must understand the data structure, algorithm and programming language concepts. The candidate should know at least one programming language before attends any coding interview. Careerdrill helps to fill the gap between the theoretical knowledge and coding.

The 'Common interview questions' section gives the list of programming interview questions and solutions which do not categorize in the data structure and algorithm.

Contain common interview questions, puzzles, arrays and recursion.
Programming language questions.
Helps to improve coding skills.
Contains basic mathematical programming, string problems.
Each problem explains with source code, program output, simple steps.

The candidate can practices using given questions with a solution and attend the coding interview in software companies.