Software Industry for students
Software Industry for students

The business decides the technologies, tools and software infrastructure. When the student develops small projects, they  should understand the business requirements clearly before starting the code.  The technology should not dominate business requirement.

The student can build technical skills in the following area.

  • Study operating system, computer architecture and network.
  • Study Data structure and algorithm thoroughly.
  • Study at least any one programming language (C++, Java, C#)
  • Study one Database (Oracle, SQL and MySQL).
  • Improve communication skill.
  • Participate online forums, group discussion, open source, GitHub, Linkedin
  • Improve teamwork
  • Study about the software companies and work culture

If the student wants successful software engineer, they need to build technical skills, communication skill and interpersonal skills. Learning is a continuous process and need improve every day. A student may have a lot of time to study and learn new technologies. A student may need to understand about software business requirements too. The student may not be able to learn all the technologies from college days itself. But, once get the basic idea about computer programming language, the student can learn any programming language.

Software industry for students

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Product based companies and Service based companies require different skill set. Example, the Product based companies may not interested in software product, framework or customer communication skills (other than sales team). But, Service based company developer requires to communicate with clients, may require master in any product or framework.

Thanks for article!