Why Data structure and Algorithms are important in coding interview

The interviewer can test and evaluate the candidate performance easily using Data structure and algorithm. The interview can take three to four rounds of 1-hour conversation with the candidate. Each interviewer communicates to the candidate with different perspective (to check different technical or non-technical areas).

Solve the problem more efficiently

The candidate develops software module for solving the business problems. They may involve all software development lifecycle including requirement analysis, coding, design and maintenance of software. When the developer develops software using any programming language, they use data structure and algorithm internally. The Application programming interface (API) hides the internal implementation of data structure and the algorithm using object oriented programming principals. If the programmer does not understand the concepts, they may not be able to use the API properly. The search engine may provide source code for solving issue or steps for fixing the issue. But, the real programmer understands the Application Programming Interface internals including data structure and make the decision.

Use right tool to solve the problem

The data structure and algorithm provide a set of techniques to the developer for handling the data efficiently. The programmer should understand the core concepts of data handling. Example, if the programmer wants to collect the Facebook user details, the developer should access the data and handle efficiently using data structure and algorithm techniques. If the programmer does not know about data structure and algorithm, they may not be able to write efficient code to handle the data. The data structure concepts can be implemented in any programming language. They can write the code in any programming language with minimal effort. If the programmer does not know the pre-defined algorithmic techniques, it may take the longer time to resolve the problem.

Data structures help to run program more efficient

The data structure and algorithm can be used to test both freshers and working professionals in the software industry. Now, the computer has more memory with less price. But, if the developer does not handle with proper memory management technique, the program may leak the memory and lose the memory. The modern programming language manages the memory using garbage collection. But, if the developer design, implement and manipulate complex data structures without understanding the code, it may end up with a memory leak. If the developer does not understand data structures and algorithm properly, the program may not run efficiently. Many programming languages may not require knowledge of data structures. But, If the programmer wants to write some logic which deal with data, they should know how to handle the data. The algorithm analysis will give more detail about the algorithm performance in the best case, worst case and average case scenario.

Candidate evaluation time is limited during interview

The interviewer should evaluate all the candidates with minimal time. If the company wants to close the position, the company Human Resource (HR) team get more resumes from company career page, LinkedIn or job portal. The HR may scan the candidate CV within few seconds to select for an interview. But, the interviewer needs to spend around 3 to 6 hours to select the candidate. So, the interviewer should evaluate the candidate using computer fundamental concepts like data structure and algorithm problems. If the candidate is good in computer fundamental concept like data structure and algorithm, the candidate can learn any new technologies or programming languages easily. If the new programming language comes, the programmer needs to learn the syntax of the new programming language. The interviewer can easily evaluate the candidate using data structure and algorithm.

  • Data structures are universal, they are fundamental building block of computer science
  • Easy to evaluate candidate potential
  • Easy to twist the question to evaluate candidate logical and analytical skill
  • Program and other concepts easy to understand. If the candidate is good in the data structure, they can answer the question.
  • Performance evaluation for each approach
  • Check candidate different level of approach and evaluate performance
  • Problem-solving skills and clarity of thought
  • Know the API with data structure and algorithm
  • Candidate should dedicate the DS and algorithm learning
  • Use in software development in any position from junior programmer to manager
  • Software builds on data and deals with data
Why Data structure and Algorithms are important in coding interview

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