How to use

How to use Career Service

Careerdrill provides the resume and cover letter writing service from world leading resume service provider. Our partner reviews the candidate resume and provides world class resume services professionally. The candidate can search the resume services with different search categories. Careerdrill does not involve any cost related queries. The candidate can directly communicate with the service provider and enquire more details about the services.

The resume service candidate module provides the following steps to the user.

  1. The user can choose service, experience, resume type and country format from the search screen.
  2. Search result shows the result and user can view the resume service provider and services.
  3. The user can send the query from Resume service provider screen for getting more details about the service provider.
  4. The user can order resume service in more service detail screen.

How to Learn is a web portal that focuses on preparing the coding Interview questions. The candidate (both fresher and experienced professional) can practice the data structure, algorithm and frequently asked programming interview questions. It also provide career guide, recommended reading and other guidelines for landing in the software industry.

about careerdrill

  1. The user must log in to careerdrill Website( see FAQ for more details).
  2. The user must choose Java or C++ programming language (The default choose Java Programming language).
    How to choose Java or C++ programming language
  3. If User knows Java, the user can learn the Java collection framework (JCF) from Programs -> Software Framework menu.
  4. If User knows C++, the user can learn the C++ Standard Template Library (STL) from Programs -> Software Framework menu.
  5. If User knows Java or C++
    1. The user can practice Data structure from Programs -> Data structure menu
    2. The user can practice Algorithm from Programs -> Algorithm menu
    3. The user can practice Common Problems from Programs -> Common Programming Interview questions menu
  6. Practice and apply jobs in software industry
  7. Get an offer from Dream Software Company!