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C++ is general purpose objected oriented programming language. C++ was originally developed by Bjarne Stroustrup at AT&T Bell Labs. The developer can learn the CPP programming language from C++ programming language books. The internet has lot of information about the C++ languages. If the developer know the C++ programming language fundamentals, they can start preparing the certification. The developer cannot get job based on the certification. Some companies may give preference to the certified programmer. The certification helps career growth in software industry. It gives the confidence to the developer. The Certification validate the different topics from the programming language depends on the certification track. The developer can read the tutorial and technical content from the internet. They can also buy and study the technical books for preparing the certification.

C++ is native programming language. It should compile in different environment. The application compiled in UNIX/Linux operating system nay not run on windows operating system. C++ is a compiled language, with implementations of it available on many platforms and provided by various organizations, including the FSF, LLVM, Microsoft, Intel and IBM.

C++ Institute was established with a purpose to promote the C/C++ programming languages.

CPA C++ Certified Associate Programmer Certification

The Beginner can start from C++ Foundations (novice-level exam) (Exam Number: CPA). It starts with basic information about the C++ programming language.


The developer can get more information about the C++ Certified Associate Programmer Certification. The user finds the list of topics from the following location.


The CPA exam test about the compile the CPP program, basic data types, Data aggregates, functions, Strings processing, exceptions handling, dealing with namespaces, Object oriented programming, inheritance, and object-oriented techniques and fundamental of STL.

CPP C++ Certified Professional Programmer

The Beginner can start from C++ professional standards (Exam Number: CPP). It starts with intermediate to advanced information about the C++ programming language.


The developer can get more information about the C++ Certified Professional Programmer Certification. The user finds the list of topics from the following location.


The CPP exam test about the Templates, STL containers, algorithms, STL utilities and functional library, STL Advanced I/O.


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Certification Exam

The developer can purchase exam voucher from Oracle University or parametric centers.

  1. http://www.pearsonvue.com/cpp/
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